Government figures indicate the huge scale of homelessness in England. 

56,580 households were accepted as being homeless in England in the year ended March 2018 – and that is in one year alone.

Although this number was down by 4% on the previous year the annual number is still well above the low of 40,020 in the year ended March 2010.

This long-term increase was primarily driven by London and the South East. Other regions have plateaued, or in some cases actually declined.

In the last two years the number of homeless households in London has dropped significantly.

But even these official figures aren’t a complete measure. Local authorities have limited resources and are only required to house people who are judged to be in certain narrowly defined priority circumstances. As a result, there are thought to be many more ‘hidden’ homeless.

What does homelessness look like in your area? Has it declined, plateaued or increased? Why do you think this is, and how does it impact your business?

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