Private renters and Housing Benefit

In England there was a 38% rise in the overall number of private renters receiving Housing Benefit since 2008 (or 42% in Britain). This has meant that last year private landlords pocketed £9.3bn Housing Benefit, twice that of 10 years ago.

The lack of affordable housing available means that a wider group of people need Housing Benefit. Today, nearly half (47%) of all families claiming Housing Benefit in the Private Rented Sector (PRS) are in work – this is nearly double the proportion it was six years ago (26%). Similarly, Housing Benefit recipients renting privately now earned an average £4,000 more than six years ago.

Housing associations want to build the homes the nation needs. By loosening restrictions on existing funding, the Government can free up housing associations to build more affordable housing at better value to the taxpayer and directly address the housing crisis.

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